Portfolio and Client List

The following are representative of some of the major projects and clients that Open Fusion has been involved with.

For other examples of our work, please see our Software page for software Open Fusion has contributed back to the Open Source community, and experimental websites and tools we have developed.


Travel Tajikistan

Travel Tajikistan is a specialist clearinghouse for information related to travel in Tajikistan (Central Asia), run by the UK Great Game Travel Company (GGTC). Open Fusion did a full redesign of the original website and provided training and support for GGTC to manage the content and maintenance of the site using Open Fusion's ewok content management system.


HomeScreen Entertainment

HomeScreen is a newly-launched entertainment company involved in pioneering an online DVD subscription service within Australia. Open Fusion was involved with HomeScreen from the very beginning, from the initial technology selection and database design through to the successful website launch. We have also been involved in significant backend development, including the development of a custom inventory management system, and building advanced querying and reporting tools for management.


Registries Ltd

Registries Ltd is a world-class securities registrar, providing share registry services to companies in Australia and New Zealand. Open Fusion was engaged by Registries to migrate their production server infrastructure onto new enterprise-class HP hardware running Linux®. Open Fusion also undertook a security review of the Registries environment, and helped to set up a disaster recovery site with full hot failover capabilities.


Cadre Design

Cadre Design is a leading web and multimedia design company based in Sydney. Open Fusion worked with Cadre to review and rationalise their Linux-based system infrastructure with a view to improved disaster recovery and ongoing maintainability, as well as providing ongoing support for their Linux systems alongside their in-house technical staff.


Fortis Clearing

Fortis Clearing, a subsidiary of the Dutch Fortis banking group, provides clearing facilities to Australian financial institutions. Open Fusion was involved in developing an intranet application and messaging layer integrating Fortis' mainframe-based back office trading systems and a financial messaging system, Oasys Global.


Promethean Pty. Ltd.

Promethean is a Sydney-based web development and marketing company that owns and operates a number of websites, including WebScout, WebScout Lists, and List Partners. Open Fusion has maintained and administered Promethean's webservers since November 2000, including undertaking a full security audit and hardening all their servers. We have also done a significant amount of Perl- and PHP-based development work on their various sites, adding new features, fixing bugs, and auditing the existing codebase for security issues.


Open Telecommunications Ltd.

Open Telecommunications (OT) is a world-class software development company specialising in carrier-grade telecommunications software in areas like Intelligent Networks and Softswitching. OT has deployed ewok, Open Fusion's open source content management system, to manage all their company web content - intranet, extranet, and internet. Open Fusion also developed a Case Tracking System which OT is using to handle their customer support issues and documentation, and for their in-house IT issue tracking.


Sun Microsystems Australia

Open Fusion redesigned and rewrote an intranet web application owned by Sun's Asia Pacific Legal division. CAT (Contract Administration Tool) allows users anywhere in Sun to fill out and generate postscript versions of Sun's contract agreements, customised on the fly to the region and customer. CAT was subsequently picked up by Sun Legal worldwide and introduced to Europe and the US.


Courier Newspapers' search4It Classifieds Site

Open Fusion designed and implemented the backend system to Courier Newspapers' Classifieds site - search4it - for Funnelweb Solutions. We implemented browse and search interfaces to the current batch of classifieds using Apache, mod_perl and HTML::Embperl. Browse pages were pre-generated nightly to static html for performance. This system has been in production, substantially unchanged, for three years.