NOTE: ewok is no longer under active development. Although the code will remain available indefinitely, users are advised to look at migrating to alternative solutions.


ewok is a web content management system (CMS), written in Perl (Embperl), and released under the GNU GPL (see "Licence":#licence). It attempts to significantly lower the bar for content creation by non-technical users, while simultaneously offering web gurus the kind of extensibility and flexibility they need to create serious content. Using Embperl, it allows (properly permissioned) pages to execute arbitrary perl code, allowing integration with just about anything. It is suitable for use in intranet environments, internet website content creation, and ISP contexts.

ewok is considered BETA code. See the "README":README.html for details.


ewok features include:


ewok requires:

Note that the current requirement for root access is not typically a huge limitation, since there's usually no real need to have ewok on your (ISP's) webserver machine. Install it on a private machine instead and mirror the published content to your actual webserver. All the benefits of dynamic authoring with the performance of static content!


Current version: ewok-0.5.2.tar.gz.


ewok is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.